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Coastal Connections Work Ties

CCWT participants, volunteers and teachers.

Coastal Connections – Work Ties (CCWT) is a program designed to link newly arrived migrants with local employment opportunities. It is based at Bass Coast Adult Learning (BCAL) and combines on-site activities as well as an online hub.

Participants may be migrants currently living in Bass Coast or those who wish to move to the area.  Individuals may be looking for a job or currently working, but would like to meet more members in their local community.

In CCWT, people will have the opportunity to:

  • Join a supportive network of like-minded people

  • Gain awareness of local employment practices

  • Learn more about local community groups and activities

  • Receive relevant training

  • Practice and enhance English language skills with support

  • Highlight success stories and contribute skills and knowledge

  • Build relationships with service providers, community groups and employers 

This is a collaborative approach between participants, employers, service providers and community groups. We aim to highlight success stories, share resources and continue to learn about and address emerging needs of migrants residing in Bass Coast. We invite you to contact us to discuss ways you can participate or collaborate.

If you, a friend, family member or workplace, would like to join our program, please email us, or call our centre on (03) 5672 3115.

Program Supporters

The following organisations have contributed to CCWT in various ways.
We really appreciate their support and love working collaboratively.

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