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We’re a Learn Local community provider

We're not just a Registered Training Organisation,

we're also a Learn Local. This means we can provide

‘pre-accredited’ courses where training is tailored to suit your needs.  We will help you build pathways and gain skills for further education and employment.

We offer a variety of courses including studies in computers, hospitality, massage, horticulture, English, maths

We're a Registered Training Organisation.

We are a Registered Training Organisation, which means we can deliver accredited programs that are recognised right across Australia!  These courses include First Aid and Work Safety, Information Technology, Horticulture, Hospitality and Hair and Beauty, to name a few!

We can even come to your workplace and deliver training in the comfort of your own space.  Our staff are qualified teachers and experts in their industry.

Let's start at the beginning.

In 1988 a committee was formed to investigate the educational needs of adults in the South West Gippsland region.  This committee comprised of representatives from ACFE, TAFE, Shires of Bass and Phillip Island, Borough of Wonthaggi, Wonthaggi Secondary College, Bass and Phillip Island Community Centres and the Community Development and Learning Centre. Premises for the Community Development and Learning Centre (CDLC) Wonthaggi, opened at 2-10 McKenzie Street, Wonthaggi.


In December 1994, the Centre moved to its present site. In 1999, CDLC became Bass Coast Adult Education Centre, and in 2018 became Bass Coast Adult Learning.

During its tenure at the White Road site, BCAL has maintained and improved the property to increase accessibility for all.  It has provided Migrant English and Literacy courses funded by State and Commonwealth Governments. It has offered a variety of courses, including computing, work safety, hospitality, first aid, language and art and practical courses, both funded by government and paid for by participants. 

More recently, BCAL has expanded offerings to include qualifications in Hairdressing, Horticulture, Hospitality and Tourism.


Meet our team

"The overall experience of studying at BCAL was FANTASTIC!
Teachers are extremely helpful in and out of class, they can't do enough to help you achieve your very best. Looking forward to more classes in the future."

Why us?

A little more about what we have to offer.

More choice.

We offer a range of courses, from very basic levels to nationally recognised certificates in particular industries. We have short courses like First Aid. We have longer courses like horticulture, hair and beauty.

We publish a course guide each term – check it out…

Our Vision

Bass Coast Adult Learning is committed to the provision of adult, community and further education through the quality vocational, accredited, pre accredited and practical training.

We will take the initiative in introducing courses that will help to develop and expand the talents of people in our area, prepare them to participate in further education or employment and encourage them to see lifelong learning as an interesting, satisfying and achievable goal.

We present foundation and work skills training that build not only competencies but also confidence and opens opportunities for employment and pathways to further education.

Bass Coast Adult Learning strives to create a freely accessible and welcoming learning environment for everyone. We do not see financial, physical, mental or personal difficulty or disability as a barrier to education. We work with all to achieve their goals.

We believe that by setting these goals we will help to increase the social, economic and cultural development of the area.

Training to you.

We are also open to new ideas.  We can tailor courses to meet your skill needs.  We can deliver workplace training at your business location or venue.  Talk to us about these options!

Our Mission

We look to a future where we will establish a firm base for the training of individuals by giving them a strong foundation for their learning and employment pathways. We plan to establish a foundation skills centre, providing a dedicated centre that fulfills the needs of all persons seeking a means to meet their learning and life goals.

To compliment this we will present job skills courses that widen the opportunities for persons seeking employment. We will seek to increase our partnerships and networks to achieve a complete outcome in meeting the needs of our community.

We will strive to continue to expand our services, driven by market demand, to fill the new and arising needs of our community. We will remain current and increase our readiness to face new markets through increasing and strengthening networks and industry links.

The programs and teaching of this centre supports and promotes the principles and practice of Australian Democracy, including a commitment to:

  • Elected government

  • The rule of law

  • Equal rights for all before the law

  • Freedom of religion

  • Freedom of speech and association

  • The values of openness and tolerance


Nothing in this clause is intended to affect any right according to or compliance with any obligation imposed on, a provider under an enactment of the State or of the Commonwealth.