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Guest Speakers


Worksite Visits

Program Activities

This section provides an overview of activities included in CCWT. We plan a variety of tasks to suit specific needs of participants, employers, service providers and community groups.

Guest Speakers are a regular part of classes on campus and online workshops.  These sessions give us the opportunity to learn more about local community groups and services, work practices and job vacancies as well as providing practice in English speaking skills.


 Jordan Crugnale MP Class Visit

CCWT participants, staff and volunteers visit workplaces to introduce participants to different local businesses and possible work pathways. It is

always fun to have a walk and talk with employers and staff.

Bimbadeen Farm Cafe on Phillip Island

On Campus Training (Job, English & Cross Cultural Training)

English training is delivered at BCAL Wonthaggi Campus on Mondays and Tuesdays, 10am-3:00pm. We also have special workshops and short training sessions on a variety of topics. For information, please click this link to follow our Events. 

English Training at BCAL

Community Group Excursions

Excursions to local community places and outdoor spaces are a regular part of our program. We like to get out and about to explore Bass much as we can. 

Bass Coast Shire Council Offices in Wonthaggi

Online Training

CCWT training is sometimes delivered via Zoom. These workshops and training sessions are tailored to specific needs of participants, businesses, service providers, and community groups. The flexible approach allows people to attend training after work hours or when unable to attend on campus classes.

Cross Cultural Training Online

Volunteer Mentor Sessions

Volunteer mentors and tutors support the program in many ways. They often provide one-to-one assistance, small group activities, attend excursions and

guest speakers sessions and become a part of the 'Circle of Support' for CCWT participants. 

 Providing One-to-one Assistance


Here is our first program video. It was taken at the Opening Event of CCWT back in December, 2019. More videos can be viewed on the Facebook page via this link.

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