School Leavers Employment Support (SLES) 


Are you on the NDIS or registered with a Disability Employment Service agency or have you just completed Year 12 and aged between 18-21?

Do you have Finding and Keeping a Job in your plan?

If so, BCAL can help you!

Depending on your employment and experience, you may be suited to do our group activities, or tailored individual activities, or a mix of both. Activities are delivered in structured sessions and participants can learn at their own pace, amongst their peers.

All sessions run at a 1:3 ratio.


The fine print:

We can service self-managed and plan-managed participants.

If you are NDIA managed we can provide a letter to your LAC and assist you to move into a hybrid-plan so you can enjoy our services too!

All participants are required to enter into a service agreement with Bass Coast Adult Learning before commencing sessions.

Current SLES Timetable

SLES Capacity Building Sessions are individualized and tailored to your needs.  

Give us a call to book your planning meeting today!


Civic and social engagement

9 AM- 12 noon.

Focused on how to access local services – everything from joining a library or gym to opening a bank account

pre-employment workskills

1:00 pm- 3:30 pm

Focused on foundation work skills such as personal grooming for the workplace and routines.


integrated art

9 AM- 12noon

This session provides literacy and numeracy skills weaved through art.

enhancing work readiness through targeted training

1:00 pm- 3:30pm

Focused on job skills, such as resume writing, job interview skills, etc. 


digital literacy

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Participants will develop a broad range of digital skills.

skill coaching optional

Available by appointment, participants can connect with a qualified coach and learn how to handle challenges. by appt only

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