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Mindfulness for Resilience

This course will help you learn tools and techniques to manage stress and calm your mind. Learn from an experienced practitioner in the fields of resilience, mindfulness and meditation.

This can boost your wellbeing in the workplace and day-to-day life
Delivered online via Zoom so you won’t have to travel and you have a good reason to shut your door from the rest of the world for a while.



9 Tuesdays

Apr 27—June 22

Tutor: Anny Bevan

Cost:  $90

($75 conc.)

Life in Retirement 

Do you want to travel? Learn to work with wood?  Write a book?  Be an active, engaged grandparent?  
If you’re starting to think about your retirement this is the course for you!  A chance to really think through what you (and your partner) would like to do when you retire.  
Over two evenings this course will use a process to guide you through the possibilities and give you time to focus on the future you want for yourself. 

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2 Tuesdays
May 25 & June 1
Cost: $55 each or $100 per couple
Facilitator: Deb Watson
Designer: Brent Jones (Masters in Psychology)


"Overall experience of studying @ BCAL was FANTASTIC! 
Teachers are extremely helpful in and out of class, they can't do enough to help you achieve your very best. Looking forward to more classes in the future."

Rachael Zappa, Past Student

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