Ability Garden

Growing Confidence
Building Skills
Low-stress Social Skills

Ability Garden can also be used to help improve literacy and numeracy by learning to label plants and count out seeds.
Gardening has been shown to be a good way for people to reduce stress levels and to relax. The mixture of being outdoors working with people, plants and nature can lead to an improvement in your wellbeing.  
•    Better health and wellbeing, learning new skills and socialising with others can assist participants to develop more confidence in themselves and greater independence.
•    Participants will complete an accredited certificate II in Horticulture and gain real-world experience through work placements.
The Ability Garden program has a variety of activities to suit everyone. 
Activities may include:  
•     building herbs boxes  
•     growing plants from seed  
•     decorating pots  
•     garden art  
•     creating flower gardens  
•     building raised beds  
•     creating a veggie garden  
•     learning new job skills
If you have an NDIS plan the benefits from gardening are endless, from learning about nature to enjoying the fresh healthy food you have grown. It is enjoyable, creative and rewarding. 


If you wish to participate in these sessions you will be required to enter into a service agreement with BCAL.


We can service both self and plan-managed participants.


BCAL can invoice through either Core or Capacity Building depending on your NDIS goals.

Sessions require a minimum of 5 participants to commence.

For more information about the Ability Garden please phone 5672 3115.