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Volunteering Group

Introduction to Events Management

Explore opportunities for assisting with events in the local community. Gain practical experience and help to organise an event as part of the BCAL Pathways Expo in September.


Develop your writing, reading and computer skills.

Topics include:

  • types of events

  • planning events

  • time management

  • budgeting

  • promotion

  • fundraising

  • networking with the community

  • OHS requirements.


Activities include:

  • designing posters

  • brochures

  • completing timelines

  • writing promotional material

  • excursions to local events.


​Weekly, each Tuesday


Volunteering as a Pathway to Work

Want to make a difference in your local community by volunteering? 

This course will help you locate volunteering opportunities, understand volunteer roles and responsibilities, provide you with a volunteering experience and help you add it to your résumé.


Let us help make the process easier for you to achieve your volunteering and work goals.


Learn about National Volunteer Week, Volunteering Victoria and Volunteering Australia.


​Weekly, each Thursday


Sustainability Series

Many people are concerned about climate change and the impact humans are having on the environment but are unsure what they can do. In response to community requests, BCAL has developed the following programs.


Please register your interest by emailing
Dates will be confirmed soon.


Living Sustainably

Learn about local issues and focus on practical ways to reduce your environmental impact. 


Workshop Series

Join local permaculture expert, Rick Coleman, for the following

1. New Plants from Old

2. Water Resilience

3. Veggie Patch to Plate

4. Sustaining Your Own Food Forest

5. Gourmet Garden Produce

6. Natural Pest Management 


Renewable Energy Project

Connect with experts from the sustainable energy field. Guest speakers, site visits and demonstrations included.


Sustainable Workplace Practices

Want to create an environmentally conscious workplace? Be a leader for your business?

We are currently taking expressions of interest for a future program which aims to support local workplaces to be more environmentally sound.


Coming in Term 3.

Dates to be announced very soon

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