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In true community spirit we have a range of 3rd parties who use our site to host some wonderful things. From wood-turning to gardening and beyond, we're more then just a community education centre!


We're a learn local community provider.

We're not just a Training provider, we're also a Learn local. This means we can provide training in a large range of areas and tailor the program to suit your needs! We can offer courses in computers, hospitality, horticulture, English, maths just to name a few. Best of all these are 'Pre-Accredited' courses which means they help you build pathways and gain skills for further education and employment.


We're a learn local community provider.

We are registered as an RTO which means we can deliver accredited programs that are recognised all across Australia! These courses range from First Aid & Work Safety to Horticulture, Hospitality, Hair/Beauty and Information Technology! `We can even come to your workplace and deliver training in the comfort of your own space.

Want to meet the peeps behind the scene?

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